In the bustling world of food service, deli paper is an unsung hero that deserves more recognition. It may not be as fancy as a kitchen knife or a blender, but its place in the kitchen is no less than those items. Whether you are running a professional kitchen service or simply cooking in your own house, having a deli paper on hand is essential. From wrapping a sandwich to lining a baking sheet, its uses are endless. Truly, who could have guessed that a simple paper who serve such a great purpose in the kitchen?

In this article, we shall explore the various uses and benefits of deli paper, making it a must-have item in any kitchen.

What is Deli Paper?

Across the globe, deli paper is referred to by various names depending on where you live. Some call it pick-up paper, others wrapping paper but the bottom line is that they are all referring to the same thing. Basically, Deli Paper is that simple, white paper that your local sandwich shop or deli uses to wrap your favorite subs and sandwiches.

Deli Paper

What are the characteristics of Deli Paper?

A deli paper is not simply just a paper. Its unique characteristics makes it the preferred wrapping material across the food service industry. Some of them are:

What are the uses of deli paper?

So, what makes deli paper so special? For starters, it’s incredibly versatile. Some of its common uses include:

Food wrapping

It can be used to wrap pretty much about anything, from subs and to meats, cheeses, and even flowers. Its moisture resistance makes it absolutely perfect to wrap juicy burgers and dripping wraps. Now your customers can enjoy their meal without worrying about sauce getting all over their clothes or on the table.


The benefits of deli paper extend far beyond its traditional use for wrapping sandwiches. If you are an enthusiast for baking or run a cake and pastries service, then deli paper is essentially your best friend in the kitchen. It is used to line baking sheets for easy cleanup and keeps baked items from sticking together when stacked when deli paper is placed between the layers.

Baking as well as cooking can be messy and cleaning shelves afterward can be a chore. Fortunately, that’s where deli paper comes into play. Spreading deli paper on your working surface provides a non-stick surface for rolling pastry and dough and makes clean up a lot easier.

Food presentation

If you are working in a restaurant or a deli, then you are well aware about the importance of food presentation. No one wants to eat something that appears messy, no matter how good it tastes. Deli paper can add a clean, aesthetic touch to your serving trays and baskets., making your food more visually appetizing.

Arts and crafts

If you think that the uses of deli paper ends in the kitchen, then you are wrong. Deli paper has also wormed its way into the arts industry. It is ideal for use in various craft projects, such as stenciling and creating patterns. Additionally, it is also used for collage, painting and art journaling.

Tips for using Deli Paper

Deli paper is probably the easiest item to use in a kitchen. You do not need any special skills for it. But you can maximize the benefits of deli paper by following these tips:

Proper storage: Keep deli paper in a cold, dry place. You don’t want mold to build up on them in a damp place.

Double Layering: For extra moisture resistance in case of meals heavy on the sauces, use two sheets of Wax paper. Always better to take a precautionary step.

Creative uses: Are you only using deli paper for wrapping your meals? Well then, it’s time to wrack that brain of yours and come up with creative ways to maximize its use in your kitchen as well as your dining area. For example, you can use it for temporary table coverings or lining drawers.

Deli Paper


Deli paper may seem like something simple but it truly a genius invention, a game changer in the kitchen. Its multitude of uses from wrapping food to enhancing food presentation makes it an indispensable tool in both households and commercial kitchens.

So, the next time you unwrap the deli paper from your sandwich or even use it to wrap a burger, take a moment to appreciate the complexity of this humble paper. It may not look like much but its uses are endless in the kitchen. Like they say, never judge a book by its cover!

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