The importance of Food Safety:

However, food security is a set of practices, generally developed by nutritionists, that aim to ensure people have adequate nutrition.

Furthermore, many people confuse food safety with food safety. Although these concepts are linked to each other, they present different realities.

After all, what is the difference between food safety and food security?

Food safety is linked to practices that aim to ensure that food does not pose any risk of contamination to consumers. In fact, it can be applied in homes up to industrial levels.

Furthermore, this term refers to the measure that allows the control of all agents that may put the health of consumers at risk. It is important to disseminate the culture of food safety as well as food safety, as both affect collective life. Click Here for Level 2 food safety course

What is the concept of Food security?

Food safety can be defined as a group of rules for production, transport and storage of food following certain already established standards such as microbiological and sensory issues determining which foods are suitable for consumption. Food security also defines that every human being, regardless of region, race, religion or sex, must have access to healthy and nutritious food.

What is the concept of food insecurity?

There are several aspects that can lead a society to a state of food insecurity. Some that we can mention are: climate change, population increase, political conflicts and loss of agricultural land.

When a food crisis occurs, such as the one that occurred, there was a rise in the prices of several products, such as corn and wheat, and as a consequence it ended up causing many countries to restrict consumption and exports. of certain goods.

Therefore, the rates of hunger, poverty and malnutrition increased in several regions.

What is the origin of Food Security?

This term appeared in Europe shortly after the end of the First World War. With the conflict it was possible to realize that one country could dominate the other as long as it had power to control its food supply.

Furthermore, carrying out this control was an important strategy, especially when it was applied by a more powerful region compared to one with less potential and which was unable to produce the quantities of food necessary to feed its entire population.

What is the objective of food security?

Your objective is closely related to your concept. In UAE, it proposes to ensure basic quality food for all individuals, in satisfactory quantities permanently and without affecting access to other fundamental needs in relation to healthy eating practices.

How important is food and nutritional security?

Several countries, including UAE, have significantly reduced the number of people experiencing food insecurity. But, on the other hand, some African and Asian countries are still in a dangerous situation.

Serious food insecurity occurs mainly in regions of military conflict or strong climate change. Unfortunately, hunger still affects many families with social problems.

However, the importance of food security cannot be denied because through it, millions of people have been lifted out of hunger and even extreme poverty.

How to take care of the integrity of food?

In relation to the production of meals in general, there are several legal and technical aspects that ensure that the food is appropriate for consumption and that it does not cause health problems for those who consume it. Click Here for food Safety course in Catering

What are the vehicles for food contamination?

There are many agents that cause disease in people when some procedures are performed inappropriately. For example: sanitation, pre-preparation, distribution and even choosing the supplier.

Contamination can occur due to chemicals, natural plant and animal toxins and also pathogenic fungi. Some of the most common bacteria are salmonella ssp. and bacillus cereus.

The importance of receiving and storing food:

This process is one of the most important because this is where food security begins. Therefore, it is important to observe information such as the expiration date and the integrity of the packaging, as this can be the main source of fungus entering food.

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