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Black youth are facing a mental health crisis, but there are ways that adults can help.

Learn more about the symptoms of depression in children.

If you’re search for meaning in life, here are 5 tips that may help you cope.

What is an emotional eater? How to identify common signs.

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Overcoming trauma from a parent with narcissistic traits is possible.

Here are 9 qualities you should consider in your future partner.

Here are 9 ways to strengthen your memory and cognitive abilities.

What are the rarest Myers-Briggs personality types?

Ready to start therapy? Օur Find a Therapist resource mɑy help.

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Learn how codependency can be identified in order to develop healthier relationships.

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Can IUDs affect your mental health?

If you’re experiencing a breakup, closure may help you heal.

What causes people to do bad things?

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It’s sinking in that you’ve agreed to inpatient treatment. Now what?

Why are women more at risk for this stress-related heart condition?

Healing justice is active intervention in which we transform the lived experience of Blackness in our world.

Inside Mental Health Podcast: Finding out that someone you know is self-harming can be confusing and unsettling. In today’s episode we learn more about this behavior and what causes people to self-injure. How common is it? What type of person self-injures? Most importantly, is this something people can overcome? If so, what steps can we take to move past self-injury?

Insіde Mental Health Podcast

Dave Pelzer author of “A Child Called It” shares how his life turned out since the events of the book on this podcast episode

Does the length of time you grieve show how much you loved the person? Listen to episode of the Inside Mental Health podcast.

If you have depression or anxiety, should you date? This episode of the Inside Mental Health podcast explores. Listen Now!

Our workplaces are created to cause anxiety; can we fight back? Listen to this episode of the Inside Mental Health podcast.

You can be moral and sensual and embrace sexuality at the same time. Listen to this episode of the podcast. Burlesque

Strategies to manage impulses & urges so you can make healthy decisions on this episode of the Inside Bipolar podcast. Listen

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