With different types of credit cards in India, choosing the right one can be challenging. In fact, a recent report confirms that credit card users in the country is soon to hit the 100 million mark.

After all, a credit card offers instant access to funds, helping you purchase your favourite products or manage other transactions. Be it medical emergencies or planned purchases, these financial instruments come in handy. It is these advantages of credit cards which make it a popular financial product across varied customer segments.

However, your eligibility for a credit card depends on several factors, including your income profile, CIBIL score, employment type, and other details. Here’s a closer look at the types of credit cards in India and the key features they offer.

Rewards Credit Cards

In India, rewards credit cards are widely used options. They offer points based on your usage and spending habits. You can redeem them for gifts, cashback, and travel reservations. 

Here are a few advantages to these cards:

Cashback Credit Cards

As the name implies, these cards offer cashback incentives. You can credit the amount to your account as cash and use it for future purchases.

Some of the key features include:

These cards are best suited for frequent shoppers and those who use their cards to manage regular expenses.

Travel Credit Cards

If you are a travel enthusiast or a businessman who needs to fly frequently, this card is the best bet. The perks of having these cards include hotel stays, lounge access, air miles, and many more, which enhance your overall travel experience.

Check out a few essential features of these cards:

Fuel Credit Cards

When using a vehicle for your daily commute, you may have to spend a significant amount on fuel purchases. Getting a fuel credit card helps you save on fuel costs by providing cashback or reward points on fuel purchases. 

Here are a few benefits:

Premium Credit Cards

These cards come with high annual fees and offer enhanced privileges that suit your dynamic lifestyle needs.

Know a few perks you can get with premium cards:

Secured Credit Cards

These cards are a great choice if you have a low credit score or no credit history. A fixed deposit serves as the security for these cards. 

Here are a few essential features of these FD-backed cards:

Student Credit Cards

One of the distinguishing features of these cards is lower credit limits. As these cards have been specifically designed for students, the eligibility criteria are minimal, and so is the maximum limit.

A few benefits include:

Business Credit Cards

A business card is ideal if you want to manage your business-related expenses. 

Key Features of the business card include:

Obtaining a credit card entitles you to exclusive privileges and advantages, such as airport lounge access, accelerated points, a welcome bonus, and many more. Would you like to maximise all the benefits of credit cards with one option? Choose the One Credit Card. This card has an elegant metallic design backed by a powerful mobile application. You don’t have to pay a joining, renewal, or even reward redemption fee. 

You can also earn 5X monthly reward points on spending in top two spending categories. The mobile app allows you to track your expenses while letting you spend confidently. What’s more, unlock your rewards on the app and enjoy exclusive offers. You can easily get your hands on these cards thanks to the fully digital onboarding process and instant activation in under 5 minutes. What are you waiting for? Apply now to enjoy the benefits.

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