Bulk ethernet cables are surely in demand for home networking or office while catering business operations professionally. Are you the one getting the same Connectivity Errors from your server? Do you know what time it is? Yes, it’s time to change your network or get enough information to know your needs. 

The Cat5e vs Cat6 cable. What is the difference and which cable is the best choice for your networking needs? This is supposed to be the one basic need but now comes the upgrade qualities like high-speed internet, Fast Ethernet Applications, PoE demands, Gigabit spec server, Future-proofing, etc. Choose the right need then opt for the cable. 

I will distinguish the main attributes of Cat5e vs Cat6 cable regarding the speed, bandwidth, maximum length specs, and the nature of both cables. Here we go.

The Difference Between Cat5e vs Cat6 Cable

Cat 5e Ethernet cable is the first primary ethernet cable to deliver the gigabit speed and thus reason to obsolete Cat 5 cable. With gigabit speed, the cable has the tested bandwidth of 350 MHz along with the 24 AWG diameter size. 

This Cat 5e ethernet cable is used for residential and commercial use with some sort of usage at industrial setups. One simple reason is that the cable has a maximum speed range of 1000 Mbps and a minimum speed of 100 Mbps. The internal design of the cable is quite impressive twisted pairs having color code also known as Cat5e wire code. Mostly there are 8 separate conductors colored as Orange, Brown, Green, and Blue in striped and solid colors. 

These colors are specifically used to terminate the cable with set rules T568A and T568B using the RJ45 connector. The RJ45 connectors provide ease of connecting the Cat5e cable with different devices to command. 

Contrary to the ethernet cat5e cable, the cat 6 ethernet cable becomes the apple of everyone’s eye. So, what is the main reason — speed and the power utilization capacity of the cable? Though the cable has CCA and Pure Copper Conductors when it comes to performance needs, Copper is the ideal material to use for the core part of sending transmission signals. 

Best Cat6 cables are needed for commercial and industrial setups. It is the best remedy to use for the gigabit spec servers. But why Cat 6 ethernet cable? The answer is very simple and clear. The need for speed is the viable reason for opting for this cable. 

Cat 6 cable bears 1000 Mbps speed over longer runs (328ft) and it bears 10 Gbps speed over short distances (164ft). It is said that the cable is only eligible for the 10G speed. The other reason is that the cable conductor diameter is 23 AWG which defines the thickness of the conductors. Another major factor to be the best CAT6 cable is it has a tight twisting pair of approximately 5-6 Twists Per Inch to null and void the effect of crosstalk. It can be used for longer lengths undoubtedly. 

This is the major difference between Cat5e and Cat6 cable now it’s up to you which cable satisfies your needs. Now there are some of the frequently asked questions about the Cat 5e cable and Cat 6 cable. 

FAQs: Answered (Cat5e Vs Cat6 Cable)

Is Cat5e good for gaming? 

This is the most searched question regarding the CAT 5e cable. In reality, gaming needs less than gigabit speed to operate but advanced technical gaming consoles need high speed due to the high resolution of the gaming. Though you can use this cable for a gaming experience for best results Cat 6 ethernet cable is best.

Can the color of the cable affect the speed of the cable?

This is not a fact, the main strength that cable wants is the ideal selection of the conductor Copper or Bare Copper. The color just identifies the need to match your installation properly. If you are thinking the same then you are following an unusual myth. 

Is Plenum Or Riser Shielded?

Cat 5e or Cat 6 ethernet cables both have an outer jacket made up of a plenum or riser. But it does not define the plenum or riser jacket cables that are always shielded. No, this is not the right statement. 

The cable is shielded though when inside the cable there is an additional insulation layer made of Aluminum Foil or Braided Mess. General ethernet cables are named UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair). 

Does Cat6 support PoE?

It sure does, the speed and the bandwidth capacity make this cable a better choice to use for the PoE application PoE/+/++ is the most widely used application for Cat 6 ethernet cable. The PoE is the smart technology that ensures the sending of electrical signals and power simultaneously. For super fast PoE performance use a copper conductor. 

Is Cat 6 cable used for longer lengths? What are the maximum length specs?

The maximum installation length to install cable is 100 meters (328ft) ideally. Due to longer lengths, the cable becomes susceptible to outside interference. The cat6 cable can be used for longer runs but you should limit the installation length of the cable to less than 100 meters to avoid data lags or speed performance issues. 

When to use shielded cables?

Cat 5e and Cat 6 ethernet cables both have shielded variants to be used in sophisticated spaces that are active with the EMI or RFI. The main aspect of the shielded cable lies in its shielded used Aluminum Foil or Braided Mess sheath. You can use shielded cables when installing cables in complex wiring structures. 

These are some of the most asked questions about the Cat 5e and Cat 6 ethernet cables. But wait, the debate is still on as you need to know which cable is best for you. We all use bulk cables for installation when we are unsure about the length we might need. So on that basis, the cable needs to be selected wisely. 

Bulk ethernet cables are needed where a large number of connections are required to attain the following benefits. 

ReliabilityMeets the performance standards.
DurabilityResist wear and tear. 
PerformanceCat5e copper cable attainable performance
OrganizationEasy termination using RJ45 connector
Cost-EffectivenessCost-saving option. 

Final Thought

The Cat5e vs Cat6 cables both are ideal for the gigabit speed but if you are searching for a performance-oriented ethernet cable – Cat 6 ethernet cable is the right cable to use for catering gigabit network ratings.

On the other hand, the Cat 5e cable is just a cost-effective solution for networking needs if you want to enjoy the gigabit speed. But you need to install the Cat5e ethernet cable beyond 164 ft in length.

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