Bobst Cutting Plates

Bar-Plate is the largest manufacturer of replacement Plates for Bobst® presses in the US.
Our Plates are manufactured from special high-carbon American-made steel, which is hardened, tempered, ground and polished to produce a superior quality Plate.

We maintain tighter specifications than those published by the IADD.

We have Cutting Plates in stock for immediate shipment. Stock Plates for SP 102-E, SP 130, SP 900-E, SP 1080-E, SP 1120-E, SP 1260-E, SP 126-BMA, 1420-E, SP 142, SP 142-ER, SP 1600-E, SP 1575-EEG, SPO 1600, SP 1650 and SPO 2000 are available.

Special Bobst® Plates can be manufactured in as little as five weeks. Call for pricing or complete the form below!

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