Die Storage Racks Flat

By using an inverted “T” and double “L” design, Henderson Die Storage Racks allow Bobst® and platen dies to be safely and securely stored on 2 pins. Virtually any combination of sizes can be stored, and the die locator system and labels make die retrieval quick and easy. Platen storage racks can hold up to 240 dies and Bobst® storage racks can accommodate up to 90 dies. Standard size racks are 12′ x 10′ long and 48″ or 60″ deep, but special sizes can be manufactured to meet your specific needs. 5,000# can be carried on the lower beam and 2,500# can be carried on the two upper beams. Each rack is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and triple-welded for superior strength. Assembly is quick and easy.

Available in multiple sizes. Call 800-356-9940 for quotes.

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