Perivo Thin Plates

Bar-Plate is now carrying Perivo Plates! These are Medium Hard Cutting Plates that are sold in sets of 25.

Even better, Perivo 1mm Medium Hard Cutting Plates are also available for you in 25 different variations. Simply fill out a form or reach out to us via phone or email and we’d be happy to help you find the right Perivo Plate for you.

We have Perivo Plates ready for immediate shipment. The variations are for SP 102-CE/CER, SP 102-E/SE/EII, SP 103, SP104, SP 106-E, SP 106-Spa/Exp, SP 130, SP 142, SP 145, SP 162, SP 76, SPO 1575, SPO 1600, SPO 2000, Heidelberg Dymatrix 105, Heidelberg Easy Matrix 106, Heidelberg Varimatrix 105, Heidelberg Dymatrix 106, Iberica 105, Iberica 106, Iberica 144, Iberica 105 4 SD, Kama 76, Mastercut 1.7 and Mastercut 2.1 are available.

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