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Quick feed Mk II (w. handle and feeder):

This new model can take a higher stock load of up to 9cm thanks to a specially designed auto fan separator which aids continuous feed consistency. It’s completely easy to set and operate, simply turn the handle to drive the feeder and activate the tooling shaft. The tooling section can hold a combination of up to 5 creasing/micro-perforating tools.

Auto Plus (w. motor, feeder and trimming functionality):

The auto plus can output up to 10,000 creased/micro perforated & trimmed sheets per hour. This super impressive machine is at the top of our range and produces high-quality applications at an average of 10,000 sheets per hour and can apply a combination of up to 5 tools in a single pass.

It eliminates cracking on stocks ranging from 100-400gsm and is completely easy to set and operate. Other than its speed advantage over our other models, the Auto Plus has the facility to cleanly edge-trim the fed sheets with the offcuts deflecting neatly into a waste bin below.

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