Bar-Plate offers the highest quality Mylar for use in the diemaking and diecutting industry. Produced to our tight specifications, Bar-Plate’s Mylar is dimensionally stable. Accept no substitutes.

M/P Mylar is available in .004″ and .008″ thickness comes in 36″, 45″ and 54″ wide by 100 feet long rolls.
Strike and/or transfer sheets are an important part of the diemaking, diecutting and printing process. With a strike sheet, it is possible to do the preliminary printing operations before diecutting to ensure that the print-to-diecut register will be perfect. You can also use a strike sheet as a jig master by applying it to the dieboard prior to jigging.

The use of Mylar as a makeready sheet is increasing in popularity in our industry. Precise thicknesses and three different roll sizes give you the greatest degree of flexibility possible. Mylar’s matting on one side and polish on the second side provide great flexibility. Bar-Plate’s Mylar is the best there is for use on a plotter or for a carbon transfer. Die rub-offs come out perfectly every time.