Rule Setter

Bar-Plate’s Rule Setter ensures optimal diecutting performance by providing the control necessary to insert the rules into the dieboard undamaged, perfectly-seated and level with every other rule in the dieboard.

When using the Rule Setter, the rule is driven squarely, evenly and precisely perpendicular into the die without generating bridge or rule flexing, thereby greatly reducing the chance of damaging precise miters.

Since only the Rule Setter comes in contact with the knife, virtually any hammer can be used. Our Rule Setter is faster, safer and more effective than traditional mallet rule insertion, while extending the reach of the diemaker and protecting the knives. Using the Bar-Plate Rule Setter ensures precise on press kiss-cut performance. Made from space-aged polyurethane, the Rule Setter’s replaceable pad will not chip or crack, resulting in a long life and an even wear pattern. The extended aluminum handle, with its shock absorbent grip, reduces strain and eliminates the possibility of smashed fingers.