Score Cutting Knife Blades

The score cutting knife is the perfect companion to any of our Counterboard Sheets.
The only adjustable, double-bladed score/crease/counter cutting knife available in the industry, Bar-Plate’s ergonomically-designed Score Cutting Knife can be compared to no other. This lightweight and comfortable hand tool is designed to work with either hand and provides a secure grip. The ergonomic design makes cutting a straight line surprisingly simple.

Bar-Plate’s Score Cutting Knife has a built-in storage compartment to hold any – or all – of the nine shims, as well as spare blades. This makes changing shims and blades faster, thereby saving makeready time. .001″, .002″, .003″, .004″, .005″, .010″, .015″, .020″ & .025″ shims are included, as well as two precision side bevel, reversible .025″ blades. .020″ and .030″ blades and extra shims are also available.