Zero Mat Make Ready Sheet

Introducing the “Zero Mat” Make Ready Sheet! The revolutionary “Zero Mat” can REDUCE or ELIMINATE your make ready time! Zero Mats are made of a proprietary patented product exclusively for the purpose of reducing make ready. These mats are designed to correct the imperfections between the cutting surface and the cutting rule. Zero Mats are easy to use and average 5-7 million impressions!

Once you use a ZERO MAT, leave it on the press. ZERO MAT’s are not job specific and can be reused on other jobs. When the mat stops working, you know your die is worn out. As the die wears you can increase pressure if needed. Even after the mat fatigues and does not have the same rebound, you can leave it on press and patch up to reach the final cuts on the last job. The average life of the mat is 5-7 million impressions.

-Press should be clean, and patch leveled.
-A new patch sheet is placed behind the die
-The pressure (TONNAGE) of the press should be backed to ZERO
-Slowly bring up the pressure until you start to cut, then continue to bring up
-the pressure until you have reached 100% cutting or close to 100%.
-Always bring press pressure back to ZERO BEFORE STARTING A NEW JOB.

There are circumstances that may not allow you to reach 100%. Some dies have squeezed ovals or tight bend slots. This type of bend can be brought up 100% with a small piece of spot tape. The same if you are using an older die, make sure the crease rule is not bottoming out and holding off the cutting rule.

Two Thicknesses are Available:
.03 (.012” THICK)
•For use under the thin plate
•ZERO MAT’S are cut to the size and dimensions of the plate and bolted down with the thin plate.
•Can be used on presses up to the 145 size press

.05 (.020” THICK)
•For use either under the full cutting plate or under the compensation plate
•ZERO MAT’S are cut to the size and dimensions of the plate and bolted down with the compensation plate.
•Can be used up to the 162 size press

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