Makeready Tape

Makeready Tape Bar-Plate’s Makeready Tape is uniquely formulated to meet the specific needs of the diecutting industry. The Makeready Tape’s narrow widths of 1/4″ and ½” make it best-suited for cutting and creasing makereadies. When it’s necessary to compensate for uneven rule height or variations in the cutting surface, the ability to use differing thicknesses of shimming material is critical to your success.

Bar-Plate provides this ability with its Paper Makeready Tape, which is available in three thicknesses and two widths. Thicknesses of .0015″, .003″ and .006″ in either 1/4″- or 1/2″- wide rolls are readily available for same or next day shipment. The proper tape thickness is critical when building up areas that have failed so as not to hamper the adjacent cutting or creasing rules.

Bar-Plate’s Transparent Glassine .0015″ is perfect for kiss cut operations, our Translucent White .003″ makes fast work of rule and plate imperfections, and our Opaque Natural Kraft .006″ is the only answer to press variations of significant magnitude. Bar-Plate’s Makeready Tape is manufactured from quality hardwood to guarantee that it will hold up under the constant pounding of the diecutting process, resulting in long-lasting, money-saving makereadies.



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.0015", .003", .006"