Makeready Tape Dispenser (Moisture Activated)

Makeready Tape Dispenser The Bar-Plate Makeready Tape Dispenser is a long-awaited product. All too often, valuable time and tape have been lost through the use of loose rolls. Bar-Plate’s universal new Makeready Tape Dispenser not only solves these problems, but gives you the option of having dry or pre-wetted tape right at hand. Our lightweight, polycarbonate dispenser has the capacity to deliver 1/4″- and 1/2″-wide tape in .0015″, .003″ or .006″ caliper, either wet or dry. The quick change side plate makes adaptation for the two different widths a breeze.

A refillable water reservoir in the base of the dispenser provides the moisture necessary to activate the tape. For tape that is precisely cut and ready for convenient, accurate and immediate application, simply pull the dispensed length down across the moistened wick and then up across the perforating blade. Best of all, the Makeready Tape Dispenser eliminates the paper cuts that came hand-in-hand with the old lick n’ stick method.

For conventional users of Makeready Tape: Pull the tape straight out and up to avoid contact with the moistened wick, tear off the tape and apply in your normal manner. No matter which method you use, Bar-Plate’s Makeready Tape Dispenser protects your tape from excessive moisture, which can cause blocking, and eliminates the risk of “run-away” rolls. And, the dispenser’s visible blue color makes it much less likely to be lost or left in the press.



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