Double-Coated Tape

Double-Coated Tape Bar-Plate’s Pressure Sensitive Double-Coated Tape is designed for the application of Counterboard and Phenolic to Diecutting Jackets and Cutting and Creasing Plates. Adhesion is quick and simple — either adhere the tape directly to the Counterboard or Phenolic and then apply the Counterboard or Phenolic to the cutting surface, or apply the tape to the cutting surface and then adhere the Counterboard or Phenolic.

The cutting of the channels, skiving and stripping are effortlessly accomplished. Upon completion of the run, the counter peels off easily. The key to our successful tape is its dimensional stability and resistance to lateral movement. Once the tape is in place, your scores will not shift regardless of the pressure.

This is not a stock tape! It has been specifically designed for use in our industry this includes the tissue carrier as well as the release liner. Our unique tape comes in 72-yard rolls—double the industry standard! The six different roll sizes, 1″ x 72 yards, 2″ x 72 yards, 4″ x 72 yards, 6″ x 72 yards, 12″ x 72 yards and 18″ x 72 yards, are designed to meet all of your application requirements.