Adhesive Steel Shim Tape

Adhesive Steel Shim Tape When paper tape just won’t do, pressure sensitive, Adhesive Steel Shim Tape is the answer. If you need to level a plate or press, or if you makeready behind the die, this is the tape to use. Bar-Plate’s Adhesive-backed Steel Shim Tape conforms to the highs and lows of press beds and helps to eliminate the variations in rule height better than any other product on the market. What’s even better, it’s permanent!

If you’re “footprinting” your press, this tape is perfect for even the small areas, and gives you superior, long-lasting performance. We’ve even used this tape to level a press and as a stop block shim and bearer repair. It’s extremely versatile and a must for every diecutter’s toolbox. As with any product Bar-Plate supplies, versatility and variation are important. All rolls come in 5/16″ widths. The .0015″ thick High Carbon Steel Tape is available in 40-foot rolls and the .002″ and .005″ Stainless Steel Tape can be purchased in either 33-foot or 100-foot rolls.


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.0015" X 5/16" X 40 FEET, .002" X 5/16" X 33 FEET, .002" X 5/16" X 100 FEET, .005" X 5/16" X 33 FEET, .005" X 5/16" X 100 FEET